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The Gothic Way

The touristic route, a circuit with a length of 276km with the possibility of making smaller circuits, is to be found in the regions of Spis and Gemer. It follows the roads of 1st, 2nd and 3rd class and along town streets. It goes through 9 towns and 24 villages. It goes through two town memorial reservations- Levoca and Spisska Kapitula; places with memorials that are listed in the UNESCO record of world cultural, natural and historic heritage – Spis castle, Spisska Kapitula, Spiske Podhradie, Zehhra, 7 memorial zones- Spisska Nova Ves, Spisske Pdhradie, Spisske Vlachy, Gelnica, Markusovce, Smolnik, Roznava. Along the route there are 7 national cultural memorials. The temple of St Jacob in Levoca, Spis Castle, the Roman Catholic church in Zehra, the Krasna Horka Castle. The church in Stitnik, the church in the village of Chyzne and the kastiel in Betliar. The Gotghic route is maked by 270 information boards. The territory of the Slovak Paradise National Park is also touched by the route. Novoveska Huta, the Grajnar ridge, further through the the settlements of the villages of Mlynky, Dobsinsky kopec, Stratena up to the Besnik ridge, where it leaves the territory of the Slovak Paradise.

The Gothic Way is the first thematic cultural tour in Slovakia. In this circuited you will be introduced to the the most interesting and precious pearls of the regions of Spis and Gemer: high up on the peaks castle complexes, historical and presereved town centres, museums and cathedrals- and also such jewels as village churches, town and craftsman houses or even romantic stone bridges. Not only will you come across the artistic and architectural works of the gothic era but you will also see for yourself the beautiful and fascinating footprints left behind from another cultural and historical epoch.

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