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Cycle tours

Cycle tours of the Slovak Paradise

CY02 The Dunaj Chalet- The Mlynky trough- Devil’s Head trough- Novoveska Huta –The Grajnar trough- The Dunaj Chalet

Description of the tour: 0 km - The Dunaj Chalet 800 mnm; 1,5 km - Palcmanská Maša 740 mnm; 3,5 km - Mlynky 739 mnm; 5,5 km - Havrania valley 780 mnm; 7 km – crossroads with a red sign900 mnm; 9 km - kóta 1000 mnm; 10 km - 1051 mnm; 12 km - Huliarsky potok 840 mnm; Devil’s Head 14,5 km- Mountain hut Rybník 680 mnm; 16 km - Novoveská huta 560 mnm; 18 km – crossroads with a blue sign 700 mnm; 19,5 km - Mountain hut Gretľa 860 mnm; 22 km - kóta 888,3 mnm; 24 km - The Grajnar trough 1023 mnm; 30 km – Oublic crossroads 821 mnm; 33 km – turning at the green sign 729 mnm; 34,5 km - Mlynky 739 mnm; 37 km - Palcmanská Maša 740 mnm; 39 km - The Dunaj Chalet 800 mnm. The Dunaj Chalet is located in Dobsinska Masa next to the ski lift.

CY04 Dedinky – Dobšiná – Čuntava – Dedinky

Description of the tour: The tour begins at the ATC Dedinky (0 km; 795 mnm) along the tarmac road up to the crown of the Palcmanska Masa dam (1,5 km; 795 mnm). After leaving the dam turn left and go under the railway and on to the public road. After a few curves you will find yourself on the Dobsinsky Hill where a wonderful ride awaits you along the first class road number 67 to the town of Dobsina. Dobsina is the lowest point of the tour. At crossroad 67 turn right and follow the yellow signs 1km through the town. At the end of the town the sign turns to the right. However, you will continue along the tarmac road towards Vysny Hamor (14 km; 510 mnm), Vyšná Maša (15,5 km; 540 mnm)with a continual and gradual increase in altitude. Coninue on the reinforced way along Dobsinsky stream where the slope becomes steper until you get to the Cuntava mountain hut.It is possible to take a break here and drinking water is also available from the spring.

Continue following the blue signs for about 550m. You will come to a crossroad with blue and red signs 1124,6mnm(24km). Further on, after turning right you will be led by a red sign. The way leads up to an unfortified surface that goes up and down. There are a number of springs along the way. The yellow sign turns to the left and takes you in to Samuel’s valley. Take no notice of this as you have the final climb ahead of you to Honzovske 1171,9 mnm (28km). From the peak continue following the red signs riding down hill. The quality of the road gradually improves and eventually leads to a tarmaced surface. At Mohyle (34,5km; 840 mnm) you join the number 67 1st class road agian. Experiencing a gentle climb, you will come to the Dobsinsky hill (40km, 795mnm).Carry on along the familiar road to the Dedinky settlement (40km, 795 mnm).

The tour is not demanding in terms of orientation. It’s necessary to orientate yourself by using the map ‘Slovensky Raj‘ ) number 124;1:50000,published by VKU Harmanec). Dangerous parts of the ride are mainly on the 1st class road and the forest ride around Honzoveskeho.

CY05 Spišská Nová Ves – Novoveská huta – Devil’s Head trough – Mlynky –Grajnár trough– Novoveská huta – Spišská Nová Ves

Description of the tour: The tour starts at the railway station in Spisska Nova Ves (0 km; 436 mnm). Following the town’s roads you will come to the main town square and the church (1,5 km; 436 mnm). Follow the yellow signs out of the town along the public road number 553. After 3.5km (488.8 mnm),the left sign turns to the right. You continue along the tarmac road to the village of Fercekovce (4km;490 mnm). An alternative route follows the green signs through Pieskovec (564,1 mnm), Jasnu Polanu to Novoveska Huta. This is not a tarmaced road. From Fercekovce the route continues along the vallaey of the Holubnica valley all the way to the village of Novaveska Huta (8 km; 560 mnm). Here we are joined by the alternative route up to the railway track. You,however,leave the public road and continue along the red signs with a gradually increasing climb around the Rybnik mountain hut (10,5 km; 640 mnm). At the turning at Devil’s Valley (11,5 km; 692,3 mnm) the regular fortified road ends. You will follow the red signs along the valley of the Huliarskeho stream. Those of a weaker disposition will dismount and push their bikes uphill.The signs will lead you up to the peak to the the Devil’s head trough (14 km; 1051 mnm). There was a time when a transport lift was in operation between the now non-existent Vojtechovej settlement and Mlynky. The remains of the lift can still be seen. You will freewheele down until you come to the crossroads marked with the blue sign (16,5 km; 800 mnm). Alternative route: Following the the red signs do the Biele Vody settlement (792,5 mnm), Prostredny Hamor to Mlynky. Follow the blue signs along the relatively good road the the Havrania Valley settlement (19 km; 790 mnm), up to the Mlynky settlement (19,5 km; 739 mnm). On both sides of the Havran Valley there are old mines and reminders of the work done there. By the church in Mlynky you can find the start of the green signs. Follow this route. After about 1.5km the sign turns and goes under the railway tracks going right to the village of Rakovec. Keep to the tarmaced road and gradually climb up. At 25km (821 mnm) fom the right we are joined once again by the familiar road number 533. Cars will appear but don’t allow them to distract you keep pedaling through the serpentine road up to the Grajnar trough (29 km; 1023,2 mnm). Here you can find the Javor chalet and its refreshments.

From this point there will be no climbs until the end of the tour. After refreshments follow the tarmac til the crossroads Zimna dolina (33 km; 830 mnm), where the public road 546 joins us from Hnilcik. Don’t hesitate and follow the tarmac road around the Gretla mountain hut (34 km; 800 mnm) to Novaveska Huta (38,5 km; 560 mnm). The rest of the tour follows the route of the start of the tour all the way to Spisska Nova Ves. (You can use the alternative route marked by green signs.)The tour ends at the railway station 46.5km.

For orientation use the ‘Slovensky Raj‘ map number 124. 1:50000. Published by the Harmanec Military Cartographic Institute . Care should be taken when cycling on public roads. The climb up the Devil’sn head trough is demanding as is the decent.

CY06 Čingov – Košiarny briežok – Spišská Nová Ves – Smižany – Čingov

Description of the tour : The tour starts in the tourist resort of Čingov (0 km; 540 mnm) in the car park along the blue signs to the estuary „Prielomu Hornádu“. Go along the rock formationsPôjdeš „Ihla“. At km 1 (510 mnm) turn to the left following the green signs slightly uphill in the pleasant valley under the Cingov peak and through the Biksovu meadow to Kosiarny briezokod (6 km; 520 mnm). Here you will meet the yellow sign which will take to Spisska Nova Ves/ At the main crossroads turn left and the town road will bring you to the main square of this very pretty town (11,5 km; 436 mnm). After a tour of the town go down the public road number 536 towards Smizany. At the railway bridge before the village (km 13,5; 455 mnm) turn left and go along the track until you come to another crossroadsodboč (15,5 km; 485 mnm). Turn left and continue along the blue signs for about 500m. The signs end on the left side. Continue to follow the tarmac road around Hotel Flora (17,5 km; 540 mnm) and in to the car park in Čingov, where the trip began (18 km; 540 mnm).

CY07 Dedinky - Mlynky - Hnilec - sedlo Súľová - Rakovec - Mlynky – Dedinky

Odkaz: http://www.slovenskyraj.sk/chodniky/cy07/cy07.html

Description of the tour :  You start in the settlement of Dedinky (0 km; 795 mnm) at the hotely Priehrada (ATC). O along the tarmac road along the banks of the Palcmanska Mas dam. Go around the crown of the dam wall (1 km; 795 mnm) do osady Polomská Maša (1,5 km; 780 mnm). Here continue along the tarmaced road to the left through Prostredný Hámor (3 km, 760 mnm), right at the crossroads and past the Mlynky rail station (3,5 km; 780 mnm), (Hotel, motorest, shop, post office) to the centre of Mlynky ( 5 km; 780 mnm). Copper and iron ore was mined around this settlement. At the beginning of the 19th century there was even a furnace here.

From the church in Mlynky following the green signs around the Trosky mountain hut up to the crossroads, where the green signs turn under the railway tracks. You continue along the track which is on your right hand side. You go through the old Sykavka mining settlement (9,5 km; 700 mnm) up to the Hnilec settlement (12,5 km; 669mnm).

In the 14.–15. Century silver ore was mined here, in the 19. Century this was the site of the metalshops of the Spisska Chamber. In the village there is a kastiel from the 2nd half of the 18. Century. After a tour of the village the road becomes steper and you climb the serpentines of the 533 public road up to the Sulova trough (19,5 km; 900 mnm). Turn left on to the town road and go up the forest lane until you reach the peak of the Sajby hill (19,5 km; 900 mnm). Here the climb ends. Cycling down on the forest road you reach the Rakovec settlement (30 km; 800 mnm). You go under the railway tracks and on to the familiar Mlynky route (km 32,5; 739 mnm), Prostredný Hámor, Polomská Maša, Dedinky (37,5 km; 795 mnm) where you will reach your final destination.

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