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Theatre buildings in Slovakia are linked with Central European artistic, historical and theatrical traditions. These buildings were constructed in multilingual environments. Apartfrom Martin, which was the centre of Slovak national life, most theatre buildings were designed by Austrian and Hungarian architects.

Eight historically important theatres are preserved in Slovakia up to present. Theatres from Bratislava to Spišská Nová Ves were built within one century (theater in Hlohovec was built in 1802, Reduta and theater in Spišská Nová Ves was built in 1902-1905) and represent architectural, artistic and theatrical tendencies of the period. The last in the line of historical theatre buildings in Slovakia is an Art-Nouveau building housing the Spiš theatre in Spišská Nová Ves. It is the latest, concerning the date of origin (built in 1902-1905), but not the least in terms of significance.

There was a one-storey inn on the present site of the theatre building in 1844. It was reconstructed in 1863 by a builder, Andreas Roth, who attached a theatre hall to one side of the buil­ding and to the other an unspecified room. The preserved project illustrates a developed cultural milieu, because such spacious pre­mises were not common in 19th century towns. The architect Kaiman Gerster included into the present Art-Nouveau building a theatre, a hotel, and a café. The auditorium's capacity was 235 seats. The house had a white and golden decoration and construction costs amounted to 250,000 crowns. This beautiful and romatically looking building with four corner spires was built in the secessionist style (late 19th century decorative style). Massive entrance portal on the north side is ended by balcony. At the peak of the domed-roof there is a swan sitting on a lyre, which signifies that this part of the building houses a theater. Inside, the wall paintings of Jozef Hanula above the stage portal and the huge chandelier are very impresive.

At present, the building houses Spiš theatre, coffee-house "Sonáta" and a seat of the Town Cultural Centre which takes care of entertainment and cultural events. Concert Hall is one of the places where serious music and chamber concerts are perfor­med.

Theatrical tradition in Spišská Nová Ves is very intensive. Up to present, the amateur theatricals "Hviezdoslav" with its more than 50 years of activity and professional ensemble of the Spiš theatre still perform here.