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The Town Hall

The town authorities of Spišská Nová Ves had the present Town Hall building built in the Classicist style in 1777 - 1779. The cost was 11,569 canaries and 51 mites. It is a scattered three storeyed, block, six-axial with a monumental buttress. The main entrance is situated on the north side. However the main facade faces south.

  During a long period of time, from its construction up to the fifties of our century, the town hall was the center of all municipal activities. All important events, actions, decisions, which concerned the town and its citiziens, happened either inside the town hall or within close vicinity. Meetings of the citiziens were held in front of the town hall and from its balcony representatives of municipal administration and political parties addressed residents of the town and made their speeches. That is why the informal name - Municipal House, which the town hall was given from the very beginning, is still widely used among the town's inhabitants.

  The most important room in the Town Hall was the council chamber placed in the medium axis of the building and occupying two floors. This room is decoratively set off from the rest of the exterior. Facing the south, it forms the middle part of the florid south facade from the first floor up to the top. The lower part of the decoration is formed by the balcony with a conic balustrade supported by six rich stone supports.

  Three big windows with arch-like beam tops are situated among four semi-columns. The inner columns have Ionic capitals. The space above the windows is decorated with laurel garlands and medallions. A decorative protrusion of the southern facade is concluded with a massive tympanum. The city coat-of-arm, in the middle of tympanum, is held by griffins from the both sides. The interior of the council chamber is richly decorated by pilasters and sgraffito.

  Town Hall has been restored several times. The first stage of the last reconstruction was started in 1992. The extensive construction work itself was realized in the period of 24 months from the beginning of January 1994 to the end of December 1995.

  The arrangement of the indoor space of the reconstructed town hall building is the following: in the basement there are rooms for social and banquet occasions. On the ground floor the offices of the town's representatives are situated. On the first floor there are ceremony and representative rooms and on the second floor there are some more offices.